Anti-Skid Surfaces

Our anti slip process is like no other. Most so called "anti slip surface treatments" claim to create small suction cups on the surface, other merely alter the surface by microscopically etching with very minimal effects. The surface is Still Smooth! Our process actually creates another, rough surface on top of the original. We've applied our coating process to ceramic tiles, pool decks, stone, spa flooring (marble), terrazzo, where others have failed.
Safety First!
TotalCare's unique coating process creates a chemically changed surface. Our process forms a chemical bond in addition to the mechanical bond. The chemical process steals an electron from the substrate to become one with the original surface. Any product that just creates a mechanical bond must be re-applied as that bond is broken by wear as well as Ultra Violet conditions. This coating process is highly resistant to chemicals, and abrasion (test data available), which actually extends the life of the original surface and protects the surface from premature wear.
Our anti slip coating product is produced by using three separate components which when combined, creates a catalytic process, resulting in a material that has a chemically impenetrable makeup! This inorganic tile and stone coating product will not support the growth of mold or mildew, making it perfect for porous materials in the South. The coating resists heat transmission, and resists chemicals with pH range of 2-11. The coating will not peel, crack or flake - it is chemically bonded to the surface. The surface is easy to clean with just mild soap and water.