Industrial Waterproofing

Our anti slip process is like no other. Most so called "anti slip surface treatments" claim to create small suction cups on the surface, other merely alter the surface by microscopically etching with very minimal effects. The surface is Still Smooth! Our process actually creates another, rough surface on top of the original. We've applied our coating process to ceramic tiles, pool decks, stone, spa flooring (marble), terrazzo, where others have failed.
Rust-Oleum Industrial Brands provide the power of Noxydizing ...

Elasticity: Large structural objects move. This movement can be problematic because it potentially damages many traditional coating systems that are used for corrosion protection. The excellent elasticity of noxydizing eliminates this issue and provides protection against cracking and peeling on metal surfaces subject to expansion, contraction, movement and mechanical impact. Noxydising is ideal for uses on cables, bolts and nuts, cladding, etc.

Adhesion: Noxydizing offers excellent adhesion which allows it to be used over most water-blast cleaned surfaces. In contrast, most conventional coatings require abrasive blast cleaning. The adhesion properties of noxydizing minimize rust creep even if the coating is damaged.

Protection: The combined elasticity, adhesion and strength of noxydizing makes it an ideal industrial maintenance coating and an ideal coating for the protection and "waterproofing" of structural steel, tanks, cladding and bridges.

Edge Coverage: Corrageion and coating failure usually occurs at sharp and outside edges where "film build" is difficult to achieve. Testing has shown that noxydizing provides 100% edge coverage at a round corner, and 41% coverage at 90 degree angle. Noxydizing elminates this point of corrosion protection failure.

Dudick, Inc Flooring & Tank Linings
Dudick, Inc. offers the widest variety of flooring & tank linings in the industry for the demanding service of Industrial applications, proven by 35 years of experience. Dudick, Inc. started as a Tank liner 35 years ago. This is something to be proud of. Tank Lining or Primary Containment in todays world is a testament of proven performance. Even before the EPA, no one accepted leaking tanks.

Protecto-Flake – The heavy duty workhorse, trowel applied
Protecto-Line – Heaviest duty for under wet process, heavy fabric reinforced 
Protecto-Coat – Light duty, spray & roll applied 
C.I.M Industries High Performance Industrial Coatings and Linings

C.I.M. Industries supplies our high performance industrial coatings and linings which provide a seamless, impermeable, abrasion-resistant barrier against water and chemicals.  CIM's polyurethane coatings have been keeping liquids were they belong in a variety of applications for over 30-years. We provide waterproofing solutions in the following examples:

  • Potable Water Facilities (Potable Water Tanks/Reservoirs, Primary/Secondary Chemical Containment, Chlorine Contact Chambers, Clearwells, Floculation Basins, Filter Beds)
  • Wastewater Systems (Aeration Basins, Lagoons, Lift Stations, Oxidation Systems, Digestors, Clarifiers)
  • Chemical Containment (Collection/Catch Basins, Tank Farms, Tailings and Effluent Ponds, Chemical Feed Systems)
  • Waterproofing decks and pavements (Pedestrian and Parking Decks, Joint and Crack Repairs, Membrane Terminations, Runway Repair, Between-Slab Waterproofing)
  • Water Features (Interior or exterior fountains, waterfalls, reflecting pools, fish ponds, and planter boxes)
  • Cooling Tower Systems (Distribution Decks, Collection Basins, Ice Storage Tanks, Chilled Water Tanks, Field Erected Towers, Packaged Towers)