Residential Flooring Services

Garage Floor Epoxy Floor Coating
Make your Garage an Extension of your home!
TotalCare's Epoxy Garage Floor Coating creates showroom-quality surfaces. Protects against gasoline, antifreeze, motor oil, salt and hot tire pick-up.

TotalCare Resurfacing has only certified installation contractors. All contractors use the Garage Epoxy Coating system to ensure that you receive professional results. Whether you're looking for a solid color or chip floor system, we can help. Your plain, gray, porous concrete floor will quickly be turned into a finished, stain resistant, easy to clean surface. Choose from our selection of standard colors and a variety of chip sets to enhance the value and appearance of your home.

Epoxy Flooring has several add benefits besides the superior, professional and stylish appearance. (1). It eliminates or reduces dust. (2). It’s easy to clean. (3). It is petroleum, chemical, detegernt and water resistant. Also, we fully customize, so the options for the color, texture and look are endless. Let us offer your company or your home a long lasting and safe solution to your flooring needs.

Concrete Stains & Dyes
Staining concrete is one of the most popular applications for transforming concrete slabs. Often referred to as colored concrete, homeowners, designers and builders are drawn to stained concrete because of the unique outcome that can be achieved combining colors, application techniques, etc., on cement flooring and other substrates. The results are limited only by the creativity of those involved in the stained concrete process.

Because of concrete's porous qualities and neutral tone, it is the perfect blank canvas for topically applied color. Using acid-based chemical stains, decorative concrete contractors have been able to achieve rich, earth-toned color schemes resembling natural stone, marble, wood, or even leather, giving a completely custom look to cement floors, concrete driveways, patios, walkways, pool decks, concrete walls and more.

Decorative Epoxy & Quartz
Decorative Epoxy and Quartz floorings is a three component epoxy floor system consisting of resin, hardner, and colored quartz aggregate. Its recommended and typical uses are for basements, garages, Warehouses, light assembly, factories, clean rooms, labs, and offices. The applications are endless.

TotalCare's unique method of mixing color patterns, and logos make TotalCare the most varied decorative floor on the Market. Smoothness can vary from non-skid to textureless depending on the desired application.

Decorative epoxy surfacing is a colorful, seamless flooring system that will both enhance the appearance of concrete floors and provide hard surface protection against moderate traffic and mild chemical spills.