Safety Lines & Floor Signs

Safety First!
We provide a two component epoxy that creates bold, permanent traffic lines on industrial and commercial concrete floors. This durable, high build epoxy resin floor coating creates very thick lines that outlast and outwear regular traffic lines. TotalCare Resurfacing provides high performance line paint of choice for identifying walkways and aisle ways, marking hazard zones and loading areas, and delineating crosswalks where forklift traffic occurs – just to name a few. This epoxy line marking system is recommended for use in production areas, warehouses, and tool rooms.

Our Epoxy paints are noted for their excellent bonding properties which enable them to go the distance and last for years longer than regular oil or acrylic paints. It is a 100% solids epoxy line marking system, so it can be applied at any thickness.

  • Identifying Walkways & Aisle Ways
  • Marking Hazard Zones & Loading Areas
  • Delineating Crosswalks Where Forklift Traffic Occurs
Safety Lines, Floor Signs, Crosswalks, Aisleways and Walkways

SAFETY FIRST: Bold, crisp lines and pathways helps ensure employee accident prevention whether traveling by foot or by vehicle. 

TotalCare Resurfacing offers you the state of the art in Safety Lines, Crosswalks, Floor signs and Aisleways designed to fit your business and industrial needs. We can provide you with full customer oriented services at a competitive price. Our safety lines are formulated specifically for high impact and abrasion resistance at the most competitive prices. Our applicators use the most professional equipment and procedures to assure speed and simplicity of application.

Our advanced equipment is custom manufactured for high production, top quality preparation methods for any and all types of floor conditions. TotalCare Resurfacing is flexible in its ability to best meet the customer’s convenience by offering competitive pricing on quality products and services.

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